Looking for batting cages in Scottsdale? Come to the premier facility! With 8,500 square feet and 4 professionally sized batting cages, we’re ready for you – no matter what your skill level. Our four batting cages – with one dedicated to softball – are perfect for every player who wants to get a hit.

Whether you’re trying to make the majors in your youth league or on the professional field, you can perfect your skills at our Scottsdale batting cages. The Hack Attack Pitching Machines can deliver the perfect pitch for the beginning player or whistle over the plate at 100+ MPH for the player who is trying to reach the next big level – whether it’s getting ready for the high school or college season or preparing for a MLB tryout camp.

What do you need to improve? Maybe there is one pitch – maybe the left-handed breaking ball – where you need practice to connect. Or, maybe you are ready to change it up and try all types of pitches – including curveballs and fastballs. Our machines can give you the pitch you want over and over & use it’s 3-wheel system to deliver different pitches to replicate real life on the field. Best of all, our Hack Attack pitching machines provide complete ball vision, so hitters can learn to gauge the proper timing for that on-base hit – or, maybe, it will be a home run. The distance between the machine and the batter can be adjusted from just right for the youth player to the full 60 feet. And, at 60 feet, it can still deliver that over 100 MPH pitch.

Repetition is key to becoming a great hitter and our batting cages in Scottsdale give every age that opportunity. For youth that are just starting out, it’s the opportunity to learn “See the ball, Hit the ball.” Batting cages allow youth to feel comfortable while they develop a proper swing and the eye-hand coordination to connect. At the next level, adolescents can increase speed and strength – and their success at the plate! It truly is a matter of practice makes perfect and a batting cage gives every player the repetitive experience they need to be ready when the ump calls “batter up” – regardless of their level of play. Regular cage work creates measurable – and amazing – improvement.

For the older player – whether he or she is a teen or young adult playing on a school team, a player trying to move to the minors or from the minors to the majors or just a Saturday adult league player — the batting cages not only provide the repetition that creates improvement; they loosen up muscles and increase overall flexibility. Consider using them as before game warmup.


To get the full measure of improvement, you want to work in the right environment — one that is devoted to baseball and softball and nothing else. When you book your cage time with us, you know you are going to benefit from exceptional, professional equipment so your cage work pays off. Whether you need to improve the mechanics of your swing, work with different pitches at different speeds or just enjoy that great feeling when the bat really connects with the ball, you’re going to find that our batting cages will deliver. They’ll deliver pitch after pitch and they’ll deliver success at the plate.

When you want to experience a true baseball or softball experience, experience the batting cages and pitching machines we have in Scottsdale. The entire facility is dedicated to helping players of all ages reach their goals, get that hit and score! Expect all the benefits of working in a cage – from creating muscle memory that will make the proper swing mechanics second nature to an improvement in eye-hand coordination and reading the pitch that earns you the hit again and again.

Call today and book time for yourself, your child or the whole team. Experience the best!