The HitTrax Baseball Training Simulator is the first of its kind, offering players of all skill levels, ages, and sizes the opportunity to accurately comprehend their skillset and identify potential weaknesses. HitTrax is innovative, powerful, and enjoyable – combining entertainment with analytics, this data center engages players in a manner unattainable with any other method.

The patented HitTrax system allows players to track things such as:

Exit ball velocity

Hitting distance

Launch angle and elevation

Batting average

Hard hit average


Strike zone analysis

Pitch velocity

Late break measurement

Pitch location

Batting average against


With help from HitTrax players can refine and improve their training methods. Being that they are able to fully identify potential problems and habits, practices are able to be more efficient learning experiences. For the very first time, players can understand the “effect” of their practice swings and therefore understand what they are doing correctly or incorrectly.

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